Ten Top Tips for Member Retention

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Below is our Top Ten Retention Tips: but remember, retention is more than just saying ‘hello’.

The definition of retention is “the continued possession, use, or control of something” but to most clubs retention is about communication and motivation.

We’re often asked by our clients for ways to keep members training for longer…and paying for longer. We’ve put together some practical tips on retention and how to engage your existing members and get them to stick around.



1 – Fitness is your passion, pass it on!

Becoming an instructor and managing a club is tough work, but you do it because you love it. Remember to show this to your members, it’s catching.

2 – Confidence Boosters

Sometimes joining a club can be a little daunting; giving someone a little praise can go a long way. Everyone loves being told they’re doing something well and your members are no exceptions.

3 – Competitions and Awards

There’s nothing like a little competition to get people motivated. Whether this is an event or a leader board – winning is fun and worth working hard for.

4 – Special Offers

Don’t forget your existing members when bringing out new offers. ‘Refer a Friend’ is a popular choice and works well for both gaining new members and retaining existing members, people are more motivate to attend with a friend.

5 – Team Building

Part of the reason someone may have joined is to meet new people and make new friends. Creating a team spirit makes everyone feel welcome and creates an exclusivity that people want to be a part of.

6 – Be the best you can

Training yourself may seem like an odd one to boost member retention. But members want to see results and you’re the first place they’ll look.

7 – Personalised Encouragement

Every one of your members will need a different level of motivation to meet their goals and succeed, remember to tailor your encouragement to the individual.

8 – Communication is Key

Keeping in contact with your members is key to keeping them motivated and coming in to classes. Whether this is a motivational quote, a new offer or a reminder it will make your members feel included and up to date.

9 – Room for Improvement

When everything is going well, it’s easy to rest on your laurels. Remember that there is always room for improvement and always something that could be done to make someone experience that bit better.

10 – Feedback

If things aren’t quite right, the best people to ask ‘why?’ are your members. Regular feedback, whether this is a questionnaire or just a chat, can give you all the answers you need.

You can’t spend enough time on retention however, using these tips should help you use your time wisely. The most important thing to remember out of all of this is communication. A well informed member is a happy member, whether you’re telling them about up and coming events, class changes or health tips. Having the tools to communicate to your members is crucial to getting the message out there. Simply Collect provides its clients with a SMS/Text messaging and email platform which means you can communicate individually or on mass with ease. As always, if you’re interested in finding out more about what Simply Collect can do for you and your club please call us on 0330 223 3152 or at enquiries@simplycollect.co.uk.



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