Common Costly Mistakes in Leisure

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In any business, there is room for improvement and all businesses can make costly mistakes.

We’ve compiled a list of the most common mistakes for clubs and how to avoid them! With a little time and some know-how you can improve your cash flow and keep your business thriving.

Costly Mistakes

Costly Mistakes for Leisure clubs

  • Less is more when it comes to membership types. Whilst it is important to offer a range of memberships to suit each potential member, it’s important not to overload them with options, this is where mistakes are made. Some new members won’t have much confidence or much knowledge about the service you’re providing and you don’t want to put them off just as they’re ready to join. It should be clear to the member which membership is for them within a few moments.
  • Learning to delegate can be difficult when you’re invested in your business succeeding, especially if you started out alone but this is key to your business running smoothly. It should be crystal clear who is expected to complete each task so that nothing gets missed and everyone knows where they stand. This will leave you time to get on with what is important – teaching and fitness!
  • Remember it’s a business, meaning no matter how much effort you put in, there will always be cancellations and people who choose to leave. Your services will not suit everyone all the time and people will come and go. Take it as an opportunity to get some feedback and remember, these people are the most likely to rejoin in the future.
  • Be sure to spend some time and effort with your current members. These people are paying your bills and making your business successful, you cannot afford to lose them. Offer new services or spend some one on one time with members who could benefit from it, they’ll be much more likely to stick around and maybe even bring their friends along!open-sign@1024x.png
  • We’re guessing you started your business because it’s your area of interest and you love it. Keep in mind that your facilities and classes should also suit your audience’s needs as well as your own. Consider who your target audience is and ensure your equipment and your classes are accessible. For example running a class at 4pm is not great for most adults who work 9-5 but would be great for a children’s afterschool class.
  • Every member will attend for different reasons and it’s great to tailor the experience for them. For example some people may attend to reach their fitness or weight loss goal or to get head space from their busy work/home lives whilst others will come to work out with friends and will see it as a social activity. All of these members will need different things from you, from weight loss plans to simply being left alone to get on with it. Make sure your members are getting what they need from your club.
  • So you have your members who are regularly paying each month and its great right? Well it could be even better with a bit of up-selling. This can be one off payments for things like equipment, clothing or supplements or even better, an increase in monthly membership fees. Try up-selling a membership to include new features or more classes. You’ll see your cash flow increase in no time!mobile-shopping-hand@1024x.png

Having a platform for members to join your club on the right membership for them is crucial for your business sales.  Contact Simply Collect today for more expert advise about avoiding costly mistakes and getting the right system in place for you and your club on 0330 223 3152 or at or click this link:

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