Back to Basics – A Guide to Selling Memberships

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Every club needs to be consistently selling memberships to keep up the cash flow, make up for members that drop off the raider and grow the business.

Here is a basic guide to selling any type of membership!


Selling Memberships

A Warm Welcome:

All your staff should be providing a warm welcome to everyone who walks through your doors; whether that’s current members, their parents or even your delivery guy. You only get one chance to make a first impression and you want your club to have a good reputation for being friendly and welcoming.


If someone has come in to enquire about your services and the memberships you offer, you don’t need to go in with the hard sell as they’re clearly already interested. What you need to do is find out why they’ve come in and assure them that they’re in the right place! Take time to find out their goals and a build a rapport to create a personal service. You’ll be sure to see a rise in membership sales!

Show off:

You’ve put time and effort in to your club and making sure the facilities are fit for purpose, so show it off. Be mindful not to just point out equipment you have or show them where things are – just because you know the potential inside and out does not mean your new members do. It’s best to explain how the facilities you have or classes you run benefit the member and the goals they have set.


Selling Memberships

Signing them up:

You’ve welcomed them, you’ve listened to their goals and you’ve shown them what you have to offer – now it’s time to make the sale. It’s important that you know what you’re selling – you should know the different membership types you offer by heart and be able to discuss what fits best with their fitness needs and with their budget.



Follow up:

Even after providing your best welcome smile and having the right membership options, a lot of people will not commit to a membership straight away and you’ll hear various excuses why. Don’t let this get to you as a lot of these people will come back and sign up. Maybe they need to check their finances or want to compare membership deals first, but if they were interested enough to come in and share their time getting to know you and you club, it’s likely they want to be a member. To be effective at this follow up process you need a system in place to gather their basic details as a point of contact.

Do you have the platforms in place to make contact efficiently?

Have you gained their consent to contact them (GDPR)?

Can the prospect easily convert to a paying member?

So if you haven’t heard from them in a while it’s a good idea to give them a follow up call or offer them a free class or PT session etc. Ensure you have the facilities to manage the prospective sales and to contact them efficiently.

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