Using Social Media to Build your Business

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Having an online presence is key for any business in 2018 but choosing which social media platform to use and knowing what and when to post can be tricky.

We’ve compiled a few top tips for using social media to your advantage to build a good reputation and gain more members!

Social Media

Social Media

Know your target audience and know which social media platform they favour. Generally, it’s probably best to be on most platforms to reach the biggest audience – we’ve listed the key few and how they can be used…
  • Facebook – great for paid ads and reaching the older generation, whether this is your target audience or you’re looking to get the parents attention, generally Facebook is used by slightly older people.
  • Instagram – Instagram has a huge fitness following and is a great place to start your social media campaign. Instagram is based around posting photos, so this is great if you get new facilities, your team competes or you’re trying something new!
  • Twitter – Twitter is less about photos and more about short, sharp one-liners. With a limit on characters for each post, this area is for people looking for information quickly – it’s a great place to reach a lot of people and to post links.
  • Pinterest – Again, mostly aimed at the older generation, this is a place for links, guides and workout plans. It has a huge fitness following but I wouldn’t spend too much time on this social media platform – it’s aimed at a DIY attitude and is a place where people will come to look for at home workouts etc and although this will build your brand, it probably won’t bring too much new custom.
  • Snapchat – Mostly used by the younger generation and maybe has a bit of a bad name but it’s great to reach the audience of younger people in your area. Most businesses now have a Snapchat account, and whilst it can be a bit daunting at first you’ll soon get the hang of it and it’s all about fun on Snapchat. Remember you can do paid ads here too.
Paid ads –

Most social media platforms offer an option to promote your posts or put out an advert – all for a cost of course. This doesn’t have to cost the earth to be effective. Ensure you’re choosing your platform wisely and narrowing your target audience to people that are in your area and maybe already interested in your area of business.

When to post –

Do your research on when to post! If you’re using Facebook, the best time to post is between midday and 4pm and the worst is either early or late in the day on a weekend. However, posting late evening works best for Instagram. Just because you’ve taken a great pic or have a great post idea, maybe wait for the most effective time to post.


What to post –

All the studies show that the accounts that post regularly have the most the most page views and click throughs, so maybe aim for once a day or every other day, but keep it regular! Remember that whilst you take your business seriously, social media should be a fun place and is a chance to show off what your business has to offer. Whether this is before and after weight loss photos, your students going to the next belt grading or a member showing off what they’ve achieved, it’s all about positivity.

Hashtags and Location pins –

Ever thought of creating a hashtag unique to your business? This means that anyone searching this hashtag can view not only your posts but your members posts too, which looks great for a potential members. Anything you post should also have your location pin attached, where possible, this means anyone searching your area will come across your post.


Keeping it up to date –

All of your social media pages should have your up to date contact information and a link to your website and to a joining page. If someone comes across your page, likes what they see and wants to be a member, it should be easy for them to join right away. Have you got this facility available? Here at SimplyCollect we offer an unlimited amount of joining pages and prospect trials for your business, for free!

SimplyCollect can help you both gain new members and manage your current members with a comprehensive and easy to use software package that can allow new members to sign up online and current members to track their progress – all whilst managing the membership administration, direct debit payments and arrears. To find out more about how we can help grow your business and manage your current workload, contact us on 0330 223 3152 or at or find out more here. 

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