Set the right goal to keep your member attending

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Setting the right goal for your member or student is imperative to keeping them motivated and coming back each week, which in turn will help sustain your member numbers and keep up cash flow!

Setting the right goal is key to keeping the motivation up and for your club to become part of a lifestyle and not just a hobby.

When to set the goal

The best time to set the first goal for a member is on joining. Here you can get much more information about why they’re joining and find out if they already have goals set. You may need to bring the member or student down to earth on how quickly they can achieve their desired results or even start from fresh and teach the member that they’ll get much better results with a target in mind.

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Setting a realistic goal

It’s great if the member or student wants to push for a great result but it’s not worth getting ahead of themselves. Setting a realistic goal is much more beneficial to the members and their overall motivation. Depending on your set up it may be worth assessing their ability before setting up a plan to follow.

Recording Progress

Once the goal has been set you’ll need to record it so the member can keep an eye on their progress. There’s nothing more motivating than seeing just how far you’ve come and knowing how far you’ve got to go will keep them on the right track for sure.



The best way to motivate a member is to celebrate when they reach their goal! Whether it’s a medal, a certificate or even a freebie, recognising success makes all the hard work worth it! Be your member’s best cheerleader and they won’t let you down!Goal Achieved

Use this achievement to promote your club and let the community know what your doing and what they are missing!

We help clubs reach the member targets they need and this is done via combination of looking at what you are doing know and looking at the benefits on automating some processes via our services and then looking at your current marketing efforts. We work with you to help you grow.

If this is something you feel your club could need some no obligation guidance in please contact simplyCOLLECT on 0330 223 3152 or email us or click here.

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