How to deal with the January Rush as Club Owners

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Wait, why do I need this? It’s not even January yet? As club owners that might be your thought when you saw this article, but be fair, would it make sense to wait till January before planning for the rush that’s coming?

As club owners, you know this is coming, now this article hopefully should let you see that having the January rush is not really a bad thing and you can take advantage of it.

The January rush is a normal phenomenon for club owners, especially when you are running a fitness or martial art club. Some preparations should be in order to be able to make the best of the influx of new members. We’ve actually laid down some points to consider building up to the January rush.


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Ø  You need to understand that the January rush is a good problem to have

Start by seeing this not as a problem but as a great opportunity. Considering the time, energy and the resources spent as a club owner to gain new members, the chances of you freaking out is high, but don’t fall for it. See it more as an opportunity to build a community for yourself.

Ø  Your Kit Should be Serviced on Time

One of the things that could irritate your new members are registering with your club only to find out your kit isn’t working perfectly or worn. It won’t look great on your side when you take your new members round your club when you have tons of kit with “out of order” on it or clear signs that it has had its day.

You can’t always control all the breakdowns, but it’s important you get any repairs done on time for your sake. New kits mean you get to start the new year as fresh as your new members.

Ø  Establish the right Communities

You need to create the aura of community in your club which would help inspire and retain your new members efficiently. Doing this would help you retain members and bring in new ones.

Start this by introducing referral campaigns for the members you currently have training with you. What this tends to yield sometimes is you having members who would bring in their friends for that workout companion. Just make sure you establish an efficient community for yourself.

Ø  Membership Collections and software Outsourcing

Membership fees collection is one of the most important factors for any club, but outsourcing this key task is a big decision that you would make as a club owner. It involves outsourcing to a professional reliable management solution which would help you as a club owner to keep your past members active and paying while getting new members into the club and set up in a stress-free manner.

Outsourcing can help with the long-term financial health of your club. Using a single provider for your Direct Debit collections, software, and member management will reduce the time you spend on admin and reduce costs.


membership management software

Ø  New Year, New You

This is more than just a mantra, one of the ways to take advantage of the New Year rush is by sending out the right message and make sure you are offering the right services. To break it down in simple terms, this coming New Year, you need to send out the right message to your prospective clients, a way to attract them to you and make sure you are offering the right services.

The main point is doing something that would attract these clients to you and making sure you offer services that would make them stay.

This could be a “6-week body challenge”, “Karate fitness  classes” etc

How we can help

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We then collect and manage the payments which directly and indirectly would help reduce admin jobs for you (as club owner) the purpose of our service is to reduce admin and increase your cash flow, but, we also look at growing your clubs membership base through online advertising, and also, providing them with a platform to convert prospects into paying members no matter the social networking platform they are into.

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