The importance of reviews

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5 Good reasons why Reveiws are great for your business.

We all know that we are spending more and more time online, some might say too much but this trend is set to increase. This is where reveiws can play an important role in both how our business operates now and where it is going.


As more time is spent online and we get more prospects and clients online it stands to reason that a prospective customer would look into your business and whether its service has received praise.

Many people will still seek a friend’s opinion which is why “friend referral” schemes are still doing amazing. However, in this technological world, we need to embrace the platforms available.

The most common review platforms are.



Trust pilot


Engaging with your customers to gain their opinions and recommendations can sound like a daunting prospect as what they might say is out of your control.

Any negative aspects should be seen as a recommendation for improvement and with most of the platforms, you can reply to the review. So if you were able to address a customer’s concern they mentioned on a review and then fixed it, this shows you are responsive and take what the customers say very seriously.

So below we have put 5 key reasons why reviews are great.

1)    The big search engines love reviews and add towards your ranking, ask yourself how many times you’ve just clicked the first page of search results, so if you can improve that ranking it’s worthwhile.

2)    Shows off your best bits! Most positive reviews will talk about what you are great at, so knowing this allows you to capitalise on that. So if it’s” the spin class teacher is amazing”, then let’s book them in for more sessions and let everyone know.

3)    More Good than bad is what you need. You have to expect some negative reviews as at the end of the day we are human. What is important is how to manage and turn around that review. Also is it believable to have 100% positive reviews, probably not?

4)    Feedback helps you develop, some reviews may give you an insight into where your customer needs as developing and changing. Should you change up your class schedule, should you provide free tea and coffee? We can’t know this unless were told!

5)    Social proof, if they can see it they will buy into it….literally. We are more inclined to buy a product/service if we can see those friends or even unknown strangers agree with our decision. Encourage reviews within a few weeks of a new member joins as they are likely to be in that happy zone. However don’t just leave it there, contact them every so often on important days or launches of classes, etc. This will encourage them to think about your brand and always sign off an email or post by saying you love feedback and reviews.

To sum this up reviews are positive whether they are good or bad if they’re bad take action and show you have taken action.

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