How it works

Managing existing customers, adding new ones and providing member support has never been this easy. Discover how many different industries including our Gym Management Software solution can help you grow your customer base.


Gym Management Software

New customer sign up

A customer signs up to your service via our electronic sign-up or a paper form.


New customer, is added to your Direct Debit management software

The customer is automatically entered into the direct debit management software and emailed confirmation plus any other welcome information you require.

New members added to your gym management software



Fees taken by the gym management software

Fees for the new customer are taken

simplyCOLLECT takes any joining/pro-rata fees upfront and then automatically processes the customers monthly fee via Direct Debit each month



We deal with late payers

Any members who have not paid on time are automatically followed up by simplyCOLLECT and resolved, saving you time.

We deal with your customers and update you via the gym management software



You get paid directly from the gym management software

Quick payment to you

Fees are then passed directly to your account and your Direct Debit management software is automatically updated to reflect customers payment status.



You can get on with running your business

Our Direct Debit management solution allows you more time to concentrate on what you do best, growing your business and retaining your customers.


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