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The challenges of running a nursery

Running a nursery is a very rewarding business to run and like all types of businesses has some aspects of the operations that add pressure that takes you away from your main focus, which is providing child care. The most notable pressures come from parents/guardians falling into arrears, and late or incorrect payments received. Which just causes not only a massive headache for you and your team but a big financial pressure on the business?

Many providers let late payments and arrears slide due to the very close and personal relationship they have with the parents/guardians of the children. This is only natural as you wanted to be a child care provider, not a debt collector or business administrator. Having to deal with these issues can involve some very awkward conversations which can ultimately put strain on the relationship.

We provide a solution to Nursery's

Many child care providers offer cash, standing order, card payment as a way to receive fees and the problem with these options is it solely relies on the parent/guardian taking action. The use of Direct Debit puts you in control of when the child care fee is taken and for how much. Not only that but if a payment is not paid on time our UK customer care team take care of liaising with the payee, this takes you away from that awkward conversation and allows you to focus on the child care.

We provide you with a software solution that allows you to make changes to payment amounts due dates. Additionally, you can text and email your clients with any updates and log their child attendance & emergency contact information within the application.
The benefit of Direct Debit in a child care setting means parents can easily set up the authority to pay this can be done without paperwork. There’s virtually no administration, it’s cheaper in terms of costs and time and parents prefer this method.

Cloud based Nursery software

Your nursery business at your fingertips, communication tools, store parents and child details, powerful reporting GDPR compliant, access control, online payment sign-up integration to your website & social media pages.


Automated collections taken on a given date with a reminder sent out to the parent guardian.

Parent/Client Management

Our UK based team will take on the customer admin this includes arrears reconciliation, cancellations, updating details.

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Software + Collections + Parent/Client Management

Increased cash flow, reduced costs & less admin, giving you back your time to focus on Child Care.

Cloud based convenience

Our management software is accessible from anywhere and on any device. It has been designed in a way to make your life easier while helping you to keep on top of all those key figures you need to ensure your child care setting or nursery keeps growing.


Give your parents the convenience of multiple payment options including Direct Debit, an efficient and low cost option for collecting payments on a regular basis. We have also made this paperless so no need to use any more trees

The complete Martial Arts Management Software solution

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"Simply Collect have been simply the best solution to supporting my growing nursery it's a simple solution & was the best decision I made."

– Tracey Checkley