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Boiler & heating service fee Direct Debit collection solutions

The challenges of yearly boiler & heating services

Running a plumbing and heating business is a very rewarding business to run and like all types of businesses has some aspects of the operations that add pressure that takes you away from your main focus, which is providing the essential maintenance and repairs the customer needs. One of the most notable pressures for business owners is the retaining of customers after an initial service and creating a consistent income.

Many engineers want to retain their customers and they just don’t have the time or systems in place to do this. Which in the end results in lost customers, revenue and very little time to grow your business and customer base. To put it another way, businesses do not have the tools in place that help them protect their customers and income.

Which just causes not only a massive headache for you and your team but a big financial pressure on the business.

We provide a solution to Boiler, Plumber and Heating engineers

Many Plumbing and Heating businesses offer cash, standing order, card payment as a way to receive fees. The problem with these options is it only works once, some customers may not be able to afford the fee in one lump sum. For example, our research shows a scenario where the engineer has a very busy day of services to attend too, so they do the job, ask for payment and move onto the next job. The follow on is that the customer is lost and this is not down to them or the business not wanting to retain customers but purely down to time constraints.

The solution to include the customers who cannot afford the lump sum and to retain the customers going forward is with the use of Direct Debit management software. Allowing a customer to set up a service payment agreement means they spread the cost of the service and this automatically continues and with reminders sent out you can retain more customers.

Direct Debit management software puts you in control of when the fees are taken and for how much. Not only that but if a payment is not paid on time our UK customer care team take care of liaising with the payee. This takes you away from that awkward conversation and allows you to focus on delivering the service.
We provide you with a software solution that allows you to make changes to payment amounts and due dates. Additionally, you can text and email your clients with any updates and reminders.

The benefit of using Direct Debit management in the Plumber and Heating engineer setting means your engineers can easily set up the authority to pay this can be done without paperwork. There’s virtually no administration, it’s cheaper in terms of costs and time and the customers prefer this method. When compared to the time you currently spend on either chasing payment or administering it, we on average help businesses cut admin time down but 55% which at the same time cuts costs.

Cloud based heating and boiler engineer collections & software

Your heating, boiler engineer business at your fingertips, communication tools, store customer details, powerful reporting GDPR compliant, access control, online payment sign-up integration to your website & social media pages.



Automated Direct Debit collections taken on a given date with a reminder sent out to the customer.

Customer/Client Management

Our UK based team will take on the customer admin this includes arrears reconciliation, cancellations, updating details.


No set up costs or long contracts.  Start taking payments today

Software + Collections + Customer/Client Management

Increased cash flow, reduced costs & less admin, giving you back your time to focus on serving your customers.

Cloud-based convenience

Our Direct Debit management software is accessible from anywhere and on any device so your engineers can add customers on the go. It has been designed in a way to make your life easier while helping you to keep on top of all those key figures you need to ensure your customers are upto date with servicing and keep paying on time.

blankGive your customers the convenience of multiple payment options including Direct Debit, an efficient and low-cost option for collecting payments on a regular basis. We have also made this paperless so no need to use any more trees, your engineers can get customers to sign up instantly. Being FCA regulated means we abide by a standard that protects you and your customers.

The complete Martial Arts Management Software solution

No set up costs or contract.  Start taking Direct Debit payments today

"Simply Collect have helped me create a consistant revenue but this also has kept my customers with us, it's a simple solution & was the best decision I made."

– Steven Cransley