Direct Debit Management Software

How it works

Managing existing customers, adding new ones and providing member support has never been this easy. Discover how many different industries including our Gym Management Software solution can help you grow your customer base.
Step 1

New customer sign up

A customer signs up to your service via our electronic sign-up or a paper form.

Step 2

New customer, is added to your Direct Debit management software

The customer is automatically entered into the direct debit management software and emailed confirmation plus any other welcome information you require.

Step 3

Fees for the new customer are taken

simplyCOLLECT takes any joining/pro-rata fees upfront and then automatically processes the customers monthly fee via Direct Debit each month

Step 4

We deal with late payers

Any members who have not paid on time are automatically followed up by simplyCOLLECT and resolved, saving you time.

Step 5

Quick payment to you

Fees are then passed directly to your account and your Direct Debit management software is automatically updated to reflect customers payment status.

Step 6

You can get on with running your business

Our Direct Debit management solution allows you more time to concentrate on what you do best, growing your business and retaining your customers.


The Complete Management Tool For Your Members



Frequently Asked Questions

If I Cancel The Direct Debit will this cancel my agreement?

Your Direct Debit is the way you pay for your service with the service provider. This is separate from the agreement that you have made with them relating to how long payments should be made and any cancel notice that is required. You should always speak to our customer service team before stopping the Direct Debit as you could incur further charges.

I owe some payments what can I do?

If you have unfortunately missed some payments it is best to contact us straight away (Mon/Friday 9-5). Please ensure you do this ASAP to stop any further action.

Can I change the date of my payment?

In certain circumstances, it may be possible to change the date of your payment; however, you may be required to make a pro-rata payment. Please contact us to discuss your request.

How safe are my details with SimplyCOLLECT?

At SimplyCOLLECT the security of your data is of utmost importance to us. We take numerous steps along each process to keep your data safe.

Being a BACS approved supplier means we have been vigorously and continuously checked to meet stringent standards. We are also one of few BACS FM Providers (Facilities Management provider) which means we have been recognised as an authorised organisation. We are also registered with the FCA to provide payment services. Our entire client data is secured via 256 bit SSL encrypted server.

I want to change my account details, who should I do this with?

To change the bank account details from where the payments are debited you need to contact our customer service team. This can be done by calling us on 0330 223 3152 (Mon-Fri 9/5). Your Direct Debit takes a few days for your bank to set up the mandate with your bank, so you may be asked to allow a payment to come from the existing account details or a debit/credit to cover your service until the details have changed.

Why does SimplyCOLLECT appear on my bank statement?

We collect payments on behalf of many types of businesses up and down the country and as part of this, you will see a combination of Simply Collect LTD appear on your statement. The Direct Debit reference will appear as a series of numbers which is unique to your account so please have to hand when contacting us.

I’m currently paying a subscription for a service and want to cancel, what should I do?

In the first instance please ensure you look at the terms and conditions that you would have agreed to when agreeing to the service. This could have been via a paper-based form or electronically. Please contact us where our team will look into your account and see what the terms of the agreement are and what notice period is required to cancel. It is important to not stop your Direct Debit until your account has closed, this will ensure no additional fees are incurred.

How much control will I have to make change to my customer payments?

With our SimplyCOLLECT payment system, you can have access to various features that allow for the easy amendments to be made. Additionally, as part of our overall services, our UK based team can take care of any changes you require. With different levels of access control to the payment system, you can control who can make certain changes.

I already use Direct Debit, can I transfer my customers to SimplyCOLLECT

Direct Debit is the best solution to remove the administration associated with payments and subscriptions and when you want to move customers we also keep that nice and simple. As an accredited FM Provider, we are able to use the “Bulk Change” process which essentially allows for a seamless transfer process with little disruption.

How much does it cost?

The great news is with the use of Direct Debit you cut out the high transactions fees just for collecting the payments. With SimplyCOLLECT you are paying for a managed service this is essentially like having a team working for you but with the costs. We take care of the administration for those customers who cost you time by not paying on time! Our fees start at 3% + 15p per transaction and this is inclusive of all our services.

Will my customers be able to speak to someone?

Yes! Our UK based customer care team are here 5 days a week, working 9-5. You and your customers can also contact us via our Website, Skype, Facebook and email. We are here to take away the administration from our clients and provide an A* customer experience.

Why is Direct Debit a better alternative to other options?

Direct Debit provides you with a simple solution to collecting subscription payments, it reduces administration, cuts costs and improves your cash flow position. It is used by a majority of suppliers; just take a look at your bills! However with SimplyCOLLECT we are more than a Direct Debit provider we provide a managed service and this means we also deal with non-payers, cancellations etc. When you compare this against cash, standing or card payment solutions the benefits are massive.

Would my customers be in an agreement and can I change this?

This is entirely up to you as the service provider. If you require different levels of commitment for a customer to agree too this is in your control. As part of our credit and customer service roles, we will work to ensure your customers meet your conditions.