Let us take the strain

Direct Debit management software and client management service for small businesses. SimplyCOLLECT makes it easy for small businesses to manage and collect customer payments via Direct Debit.

We know how busy small businesses are, managing your clients and their payments, chasing late fees, trying to build an effective database can be a real headache – and a time consuming one at that.

Let us take the strain with our easy to use Direct Debit management software and client management service. Tailor-made for your small business.


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SimplyCOLLECT will do it all.

SimplyCOLLECT will do it all. Our experienced and professional UK-based team will take care of client administration for you including arrears management, reconciliation, cancellations, updating client information, sales, marketing and much more.

We have a proven track record of helping small businesses build their business and enhance profitability by taking all this important but time-consuming work off their hands so they can focus on their customers.


Collect monthly fees
We understand the importance of cash flow in your business. Automated collections and upfront payments are taken immediately and promptly added to your account. Your client database gives real-time tracking of payments.

Customer management
Our experienced and professional UK-based team will take care of client administration for you including all arrears management, reconciliation, cancellations, updating client information, sales, marketing and much more.

There are no setup costs and no contract involved so your business can benefit from our services with absolutely zero worries or risk. Even better, the first month is free so start enjoying the future of client management today

Cloud-based software
Keep control of your business anytime, anywhere. Enjoy state-of-the-art communication and comprehensive reporting tools. Peace of mind from robust security and GDPR compliance. All fully integrated with your website.

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Sign up today and let us start enhancing your small business straight away. There are no set-up fees, no contract and the first month is completely free!


Already trusted by business big and small

For us a moved from dealing with cash and standing orders was a big change but the team at SimplyCOLLECT helped every step of the way, once my students were on the DD system my time spent on admin dropped massively. During the pandemic they have been worth there weight in gold, helping in every aspect and managing student changes. The software has helped me improve customer contact and keep a close eye on how well we are doing as a business.

Dave Caspa August 8, 2020


How much control will I have to make change to my customer payments?

With our SimplyCOLLECT payment system, you can have access to various features that allow for the easy amendments to be made. Additionally, as part of our overall services, our UK based team can take care of any changes you require. With different levels of access control to the payment system, you can control who can make certain changes.

I already use Direct Debit, can I transfer my customers to SimplyCOLLECT

Direct Debit is the best solution to remove the administration associated with payments and subscriptions and when you want to move customers we also keep that nice and simple. As an accredited FM Provider, we are able to use the “Bulk Change” process which essentially allows for a seamless transfer process with little disruption.

Will my customers be able to speak to someone?

Yes! Our UK based customer care team are here 5 days a week, working 9-5. You and your customers can also contact us via our Website, Skype, Facebook and email. We are here to take away the administration from our clients and provide an A* customer experience.

Why is Direct Debit a better alternative to other options?

Direct Debit provides you with a simple solution to collecting subscription payments, it reduces administration, cuts costs and improves your cash flow position. It is used by a majority of suppliers; just take a look at your bills! However with SimplyCOLLECT we are more than a Direct Debit provider we provide a managed service and this means we also deal with non-payers, cancellations etc. When you compare this against cash, standing or card payment solutions the benefits are massive.

Would my customers be in an agreement and can I change this?

This is entirely up to you as the service provider. If you require different levels of commitment for a customer to agree too this is in your control. As part of our credit and customer service roles, we will work to ensure your customers meet your conditions.